Protect what matters.

When your health and income are threatened,

you need an ally to protect what matters.


I’m Aaron Gwilliam.

I’m not a silk-stocking downtown corporate or insurance defense sell-out. I help real people with real problems. I treat my clients like family and I will match their blood, sweat, and tears with my own before I am done with their case.

When I sit down with a client, I see my dad, who was a logger. I remember times when he couldn’t work because he was hurt. I remember neighbors who were killed or lost limbs while at work. The small town where I grew up was full of hard-working blue-collar workers. These are my people and I am one of them.

I’m proud to serve workers in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas with honest treatment, smart strategies, and clear advice. I would love to become your workers’ compensation attorney. Schedule a free consultation today so we can start your case the right way.

I help the Davids of the world slay their oppressing Goliaths.

Aaron S. Gwilliam

Awards & Associations

Workers’ Compensation Specialties


Amy was desperate to find a Salt Lake workers’ compensation attorney who could help her with her case. 

When Amy was injured at work, she knew she needed a workers’ comp lawyer she could trust.

She went to Google, found Aaron, and quickly became a client. He walked her through the process and helped her stand up for her rights.

Amy found an attorney who helped her fight her battle and win.

$5 MIL+

Dollars Awarded

When you’ve been in a workplace accident, you need someone to help you get back on your feet.

Start your case with us today.

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