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Protect what matters.

When your health and income are threatened,

you need an ally to protect what matters.


We are here to help.

We’re not a silk-stocking downtown corporate or insurance defense sell-out firm. We help real people with real problems. We treat our clients like family and we will match their blood, sweat, and tears with our own before we are done with their case.

When I sit down with a client, I see my dad, who was a logger. I remember times when he couldn’t work because he was hurt. I remember neighbors who were killed or lost limbs while at work. The small town where I grew up was full of hard-working blue-collar workers. These are my people and I am one of them.

Aaron Gwilliam


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We’re proud to serve workers in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas with honest treatment, smart strategies, and clear advice. We would love to become your workers’ compensation attorney. Schedule a free consultation today so we can start your case the right way.

We help the Davids of the world slay their oppressing Goliaths.


Aaron S. Gwilliam

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Workers Comp Story


Amy was desperate to find a Salt Lake workers’ compensation attorney who could help her with her case. 

When Amy was injured at work, she knew she needed a workers’ comp lawyer she could trust.

She went to Google, found Aaron, and quickly became a client. He walked her through the process and helped her stand up for her rights.

Amy found an attorney who helped her fight her battle and win.

$22 MIL+

Dollars Awarded

When you’ve been in a workplace accident, you need someone to help you get back on your feet.

Start your case with us today.

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