I’m Allen Young

Allen Young

I was born of immigrant parents. My father was born in Guangxi, China. Because of civil war, he and his family left China and immigrated to Taiwan. After serving time in the military, he knew he wanted more opportunities outside of the island. He decided to leave his friends and family and immigrated to the United States to further his education.
When he arrived in the United States, he had $200.00 dollars in his pocket and knew he needed to find employment. He found two jobs working as a waiter in San Francisco, California. He worked over sixteen hours a day to save money to pay for college.
One day, he hurt himself while working in a restaurant. He fell off a ladder and landed on his rib cage. Instead of reporting the incident to start receiving workers compensation benefits, he continued to work through the pain believing he was going to be fired. Additionally, being an immigrant, he did not understand that he was entitled to workers compensation benefits. His injuries eventually healed, and he was able to continue to provide a living for himself. He married and started his family.  The family settled in Las Vegas, Nevada where I was raised.  As many of you can relate, my father showed me the value of hard work. Having earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, education and work was an important aspect of life growing up in our home.
Prior to attending law school, I earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. I worked as an auditor for a major bank and as a financial analyst for two companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. After law school, I completed a clerkship with a United States Magistrate Judge where I gained experience in federal court.  My experience as a former staff counsel for a major insurance carrier, in-house counsel for a transportation company and my employment with a multinational firm have given me valuable experience with both clients and juries.
For a good majority of my career, I focused my practice representing insurance companies and corporations in defending against personal injury and workers compensation claims. My insurance litigation experience encompassed matters involving complex cases that involved injuries as well as monetary damages. I now bring both my experience and expertise to help our clients maximize their recovery against these same insurance companies and corporations.
The attorneys here at Utah Injury Law Center are litigators. While we will attempt to resolve your case prior to litigation, we will go before a judge and present your case if we are unable to reach a fair and reasonable settlement agreement. We want a judge to properly evaluate your case, not a large insurance company or corporation.

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