Melissa’s Story

Melissa's Story

Melissa doesn’t have a legal background, and she was scared to take on her workers’ comp case herself. 

Melissa found herself in a situation where she was injured at work and needed help. Her first priority was to find an attorney who was competent but who did not intimidate her. 

I didn’t have to know any of the legal jargon. I just had to be there. And when I needed to speak up he let me know it was time to speak up.

Aaron took her case to court and got her the compensation she deserved and needed. When she had questions about legal terms and the process, Aaron was able to explain them clearly and make sure she was knowledgeable about what was going on. 

He keeps things lighthearted and still is serious when he needs to be serious, and keeps you informed with what’s going on so you don’t ever feel out of the loop.

Facing the legal system alone is intimidating. Having a knowledgeable, award-winning attorney behind you takes away the fear and replaces it with confidence. You don’t have to know how to fight your case—we know what to do, and we can help you. 

Get what you deserve now. 

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